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13 September 2017

Airtel working on Rs 2,500 4G phone to beat JioPhone, launch likely during Diwali

Jio Vs Airtel

Bharti Airtel, the country's greatest telecom association, is counselling with compact maker associations to bring a 4G handset to the 2500-2700.

Airtel and Jio War continue. After launching the Reliance Geo 4G feature phone or Geophone, ready to bring 4G smartphones at low prices.

This activity of the organization is being viewed as an endeavour to contend with Reliance Jio who began booking a 'zero powerful cost' of Rs. 1500 for the 4G feature phones recently.

Sources said that not in the slightest degree like Reliance Jio, Airtel is totally based on bringing the mobile phone as it assumes that people won't dither to spend fairly more money to buy a PDA.

According to knowledgeable sources, Airtel's 4G handset can come in the market before Diwali. It will have Airtel's 4G affiliation and bring attractive data and voice plan to to attract large numbers of customers.

According to sources, the proposed Dual SIM 4G handset will have a battery of four-inch display, dual cameras, voice cabling and good capacity. There will be one GB RAM.

Sources did not say that this will be available for booking since when. However, Airtel has officially denied any comments about it.

Dependence Jio began booking the 4G highlight smartphone on August 24. Its supply is probably going to begin with Navaratri. The organization says that the cost of Rs 1500 will be discounted in the wake of restoring the Smartphone following three years, so the compelling expense of the smartphone is zero.

There's no information on the availability of the device as of now. JioPhone on the other hand - which was up for booking on August 24 is said to be available to the consumers during Navratri - which is by the end of September. JioPhone garnered wide popularity - due to which the telecom operator had to halt the pre-orders. According to reports - Jio is said t start the pre-booking process very soon.

10 September 2017

How to check the pre booking status of your JioPhone?

Are you also on a pre-announced JioPhone yesterday, but are you not aware of your booking status yet? Here's how to know the status of your Geophon chat status. All you need to do is dial 180089090000 and share the details of your registered mobile number to get updates about your reservation status. So far, the number two languages ​​- Hindi and English - have supported.The existing Jio customers can also view their status in MyJio app under Manage Voucher section.

The process of discussing the JioPhone is almost suspended after one day from about 24 days. It is likely that many potential buyers will be in the cold. Obviously, they will be given the opportunity to discuss the Geo Phone when the process restarts, although the company has not confirmed it when it will open next time. Those who were able to discuss handsets on August 24 and 25, there is no clarity about when they will be available, except that they will be provided in September.

How to check JioPhone booking status offline
As soon as you book a live phone, you will receive an SMS with the company's transaction ID, and the number of codes (units) registered with your phone number will be. Below that will be a phone number, 18008908900. If you want to check your booking status or delivery date, just call the number from the same number on which you received the SMS, and follow the IVR instructions.

How to check JioPhone booking status online
To check your Jio Phone booking status online, you need to open the MyJio app and tap on the Manage Booking option. After providing your registered phone number and OTP, you will see the My Vouchers page on the screen. At the moment the Status field is blank, but once deliveries commence, it should show the delivery date, and store from which the phone can be picked up.

You can also transfer the Jio Phone booking using the MyJio app via the Transfer option in the Manage Booking section.

If you were unable to book the first Jio-branded feature phone, you can get notifications for its availability from the company by signing up for alerts on the official website. Just provide your name, email ID, phone number and pincode if you are an individual consumer, and company’s name, pincode, GSTN/ PAN, as well as contact person’s email ID and number, along with the number of units required, if you are representing a business. Once you register your interest, you will receive an SMS from the company saying, “We’ll inform you when pre-booking resumes.”

Jio Mobile 4G Rs.1500 Booking Date: Buy New Online Free Phone

Here is the free and latest live mobile phone for every person in India. This life is by Mobile Reliance India Pvt Ltd. announced  Chairperson Mr. Mukesh Ambani on 21st of July 2017.    This is a mobile phone that everyone can afford for absolutely free. However, there are some conditions related to this mobile phone

Jio mobile is also named as “India ka Smartphone” because it’s the only affordable device, You can find on the internet This mobile phone is a feature mobile, not a smartphone, but it has some exciting features that will surprise you. This mobile phone is similar to the Zero 500 mobile phone, as I had accepted it.

I think the living customers are waiting for 125 million live mobile launches. This mobile phone has already created the propaganda amount of Indian consumers before the last six months. Finally, we can put this cellphone in our hands Let's talk about the launch date, the value along with its features.

Jio Mobile 4G Launch Date
This mobile phone will only start on its beta program, where limited customers can get it. This mobile beta launch is useful to find any error on this mobile phone. The beta program will start on August 15, 2017.

Buy Jio 4G Feature Mobile for Free

You can buy this 4G mobile ₹ 1500 (refundable), with a one-time deposit amount. Yes, ₹ 1500 is 100% refundable after three years, till then, you can use this mobile three years later, you have to return this phone to withdraw your ₹ 1500 cash. Of course, your damage on this mobile will reduce your refining costs. This mobile is actively free for everyone.

>> After that, you need to fill your details like your name, your email and mobile number.

>> After filling up your details, just accept all terms, conditions and click Submit button.
>> You will see a success page at the end of the process.
>> Finally, you will receive instant follow up message and email.
>> You will receive an email from “team Jio” as shown below.

I Don’t Want to Pay ₹1500 At Once, What is Another Way?
That’s ok if you don’t want to pay ₹1500 directly. Instead, you can get this mobile on a monthly lease of ₹153 only. The amount should be payable till 12 months, and after that, you can use this mobile for another two years. Finally, you can get your refundable amount back ( i.e., ₹1500).

Jio Phone Key Specs
>> Display Size: 2.40 inches
>> SIM Card: Single SIM (4G)
>> Resolution: 240x320 pixels
>> External storage: Yes, upto 64GB
>> Front camera: Available
>> Wi-Fi: Yes, 802.11 b/g/n
>> Bluetooth: Yes, v 4.10
>> NFC: Yes

Note: Jio mobile will have only single SIM card slot, confirmed by Reliance, Officially.

Advantage of Jio Mobile

This mobile Bluetooth, 3.2 headphone jack, Wi-Fi, Inbuilt FM radio and Geo SIM card also support VoLTE4G. However, you can use only one SIM in this mobile at the same time.

This mobile comes with preloaded Jio Apps.  These applications include Geo TV, Geo Music, Geo Sino, etc. So I think this is a major feature of this Jio Mobile, it's a feature mobile. ou can do various things like online streaming, online streaming to Joe TV across this mobile. There are other social apps like Facebook which are already installed with the Jio phone.

This mobile can search the web, make calls, write text with your Voice command. The phone supports up to 22 major India languages, including, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, English, etc

This mobile phone supports NFC support which can be helpful for transactions for the UPI activities. Also, this mobile comes with Jio mobile TV-Cable which can mirror your Jio Cinema or Jio TV on your LED TV. I think this is a unique feature on this mobile.

Jio Phone Plans
Rs. 159 Plan
Rs. 309 Plan
Free Calling
Yes, Unlimited
Yes, Unlimited
Free Data
Yes, Unlimited
Yes, Unlimited
Free SMS
Yes, Unlimited
Yes, Unlimited
Free Roaming
Yes, Unlimited
Yes, Unlimited
Screen Mirror
Yes, Free
28 days
28 days

This phone comes with two specific plans. This means that these two schemes can be used only on the phone, this plan is listed below..

>> Rs. 153 Plan
>> Rs. 309 Plan

The Rs 159 and Rs 309 plan offers a free call, unlimited data and free SMS per month. You might think that both projects are the same. However, the biggest difference between these two projects is the screen mirror. Your money in your Geo TV, Jio movie screen. 309 plan but Rs. 159 projects.

2 May 2017

JIO's new 19-auction plan will get everything free

After giving free service to Jio, all major telecom companies are offering more than one splendid offer to entice their customers with Internet data and free calling in the country. On the one hand, Reliance is offering more than one offer every day from the pitches of its offer, so on the other hand, the other telecom companies have also offered many great offers to compete with it.

Tell me that still you can not live up to Joe. In this way, Geo has once again introduced a number of new plans to pull its customers towards them. Which has the cheapest plan of 19 rupees. Under this plan, users who are prime members of Geo, they will get 200MB of data under this offer and unmanned calls are being given. If the users are not the prime members of Geo, then they are given the facility of making unmodified calls along with 100MB of data under this offer.

1 May 2017

My Jio App Download for Free 3.2.05 Older Apk Version (Click Assam)

Hello everyone, download the latest Myjio app and generate the barcode in few seconds. As i have received too many requests that my visitors are not able to generate code. For instance, some users are also complaining that their Jio code is already used by someone. So, all you need to do is download My jio app older version and try to solve the problem.

So What is the Benefit of MyJio App 3.2.05 (Older Version)?

Well, the greatest benefit is that you can generate barcode on almost every mobile phone. Not only this, those who are struggling with already redeemed code can get ride of it. Please note that: If your code is showing already redeemed then there is no way to fix it. However if you want to generate code on a new device then follow the below article carefully.

Myjio App 3.2.05 Apk Version

Requires Android: 4.0

File Size: 24.21 MB

Developer: Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.

Download MyJio 3.2.05 App From Google Playstore

As very few days are remaining for Jio Welcome Offer. So that is why people are in big hurry to atleast try Jio services. So that is why this Old apk will help you to done thinks easily.

Please Note: If the old version did’t work for you then Download Latest Myjio App Version 3.2.14.

Benefits Of Old Myjio Apk

1. This version of Myjio App will generate barcode probably on all android devices.
2. If your 4G mobile is unable to generate the code then use this old apk.
3. If you have lost your code then try to install this app to get it again.
4. In addition, if you have an expired code then try this Myjio apk, this might help you.

Features of MyJio App

So we know that this Myjio app is very useful in many aspects. So i will discuss some important aspects why you should install the app.

Avail Jio Sim

So if you are looking to Get Jio SIM card, then you can’t do it without MyJio app. This app is required to install on your 4G Mobile or VoLTE Enabled mobiles. This app detects whether your phone is eligible to support Jio 4G networks.

Registration For Jio SIM
When you download this app for the first time, then you need to register on the app. Just use your Jio number to signup on the app.

If you don’t have Jio number then use your alternative number to signup. An One Time Pass will be sent to your mobile for confirmation purpose. Now finally create your credentials for login on the app.

Login and Manage Jio Account

To check your account summary anytime you need Myjio app. For that just open this app and you will be login automatically on your account section. Otherwise, use your credentials to Login to app and finally you can access your account. You can manage your bills, do Jio recharges, check remaining data balance or more.

You can also manage your postpaid and prepaid account both. In fact, you can also manage your Jio WIFI hotspot account too. One app can be used to manage multiple accounts: Link the Jio accounts for your friends and family, and manage them from your MyJio account. Finally, you have power to configure your DND (Do Not Disturb) preference.

App Center: All Jio Apps Links

This app is all in one app to get different services like Jio TV, Jio Money, Jio Cloud, Jio Newspaper, Jio Music, Jio Security Etc. You can download all app in a single click.

Jio Care: 24/7 Priority Help

If you are running with any kind of problem then just open the Myjio app and tap on Help option. Now you can submit your query to Jio customer team. You will get revert within few hours.

Even you can ask more technical questions in our Jio Frequently asked question section.