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13 September 2017

Airtel working on Rs 2,500 4G phone to beat JioPhone, launch likely during Diwali

Jio Vs Airtel

Bharti Airtel, the country's greatest telecom association, is counselling with compact maker associations to bring a 4G handset to the 2500-2700.

Airtel and Jio War continue. After launching the Reliance Geo 4G feature phone or Geophone, ready to bring 4G smartphones at low prices.

This activity of the organization is being viewed as an endeavour to contend with Reliance Jio who began booking a 'zero powerful cost' of Rs. 1500 for the 4G feature phones recently.

Sources said that not in the slightest degree like Reliance Jio, Airtel is totally based on bringing the mobile phone as it assumes that people won't dither to spend fairly more money to buy a PDA.

According to knowledgeable sources, Airtel's 4G handset can come in the market before Diwali. It will have Airtel's 4G affiliation and bring attractive data and voice plan to to attract large numbers of customers.

According to sources, the proposed Dual SIM 4G handset will have a battery of four-inch display, dual cameras, voice cabling and good capacity. There will be one GB RAM.

Sources did not say that this will be available for booking since when. However, Airtel has officially denied any comments about it.

Dependence Jio began booking the 4G highlight smartphone on August 24. Its supply is probably going to begin with Navaratri. The organization says that the cost of Rs 1500 will be discounted in the wake of restoring the Smartphone following three years, so the compelling expense of the smartphone is zero.

There's no information on the availability of the device as of now. JioPhone on the other hand - which was up for booking on August 24 is said to be available to the consumers during Navratri - which is by the end of September. JioPhone garnered wide popularity - due to which the telecom operator had to halt the pre-orders. According to reports - Jio is said t start the pre-booking process very soon.

18 April 2017

Videocon Delight 11+ launches, this 4G VoLTE smartphone is priced at only Rs 5800

Delight 11+

Domestic mobile manufacturer Videocon launched its latest smartphone Daylight 11+ on Monday, priced at Rs 5,800. This phone, equipped with 4G VoLTE features, will be available for purchase across the country from the last week of this month in the gray color variant.

Videocon Delight 11 Plus FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS

Videocon Delight 11+ has a 5 inch 480 × 854 FWVGA screen. The phone has 1GB quad-core mediaTech 6735M processor and RAM is 1GB. Its inbuilt storage is 8GB which can be expanded up to 32GB via microSD card. Delight 11+ has a 5MP rear camera with LED flash. The front camera of this phone is 2MP. Delight 11+ Android 6.0 runs on the Marshmallow Pro 360 OS. The phone has 3000 mAh battery. The dimensions of the phone are 146 x 74 x 10 millimeters.

Connectivity features

For connectivity, Videocon Delight 11+ has features like 4G VoLTE, features like Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and FM radio. Apart from this, the phone also has proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and accelerometer. 


Videocon launches 4G support with Delite 11+

Delite 11+

Videocon launched its own Delite Series smartphone in India on Monday, which is named Delite 11+. The company has kept its price at Rs 5,800. By the end of this month in India, the space can be purchased in the gray color variant.

Dual SIM delite 11+ Android 6.0 runs on the Marshmallow based Pro 360 OS. This smartphone has a 1GHz quad core MediaTek MT6735M processor with a 5-inch FWVGA (480x854 pixel display) and 1GB RAM.

Talking about the section of the camera, the Delite 11+ rear has a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and the front has a 2-megapixel camera with LED flash. Its internal storage is 8GB, which can be increased to 32GB with the help of cards.

Talking about connectivity, this new Videocon smartphone has 4G VoLTE, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth v4.0, Micro-USB and FM radio. In addition it has 3000mAh battery, which can be removed. With this smartphone, Gameloft's free games are provided and there are features like floating call window and ultra power saving.

3 March 2016

Free SMS kenekoi karibo. How to do free SMS.

Frainds bohudinor murot ako aponlokr majot ahilo natun topic eta loi. aaji aponalokok jonam je Free SMS servicer bikhoye.

SMS ki hoi?
SMS hol eta mobilor para jikono mobilot massege kora. Eyat local SMS r karone aru national SMS r karone beleg beleg pay karibo lage aponar balancer pora. seikarone aaji moi aponak enekuwa eta toithyo dim je aami Internator sohayot jikono mobilot computer/tablet darai Net r pora Free SMS Send karibo apro.

Free SMS Kenekoi karibo pari?
Step by Step Follow korok.

Step 1- Prothomote aponi Eyat Click Korok

Step 2- Atiya apuni  " ▶ click here to go to" buttontot Click korok.

Step 3- atiya aponar Mobile number register koriboloi "Register now" t click korok.

Step 4- 

1. aponar Name likhok
2. aponar Mobile number likhok
3. aponar E-mail ID likhok
4. Securty code to likhok
5. Term Conditiont Tick markot click korok
6. "Register here" click korok

Step 6- aponar mobile numberot eta pasword SMS ahibo si2 copy kori louk.

1. Aponar mobile number likhok
2. aponar pasword likhok (jito pasword aponar mobilot smst paisil)
3. atiya login buttont click korok.

Step 7- Jodi apuni paword bodolabo nibisare "Skip: buttont click koribo pare. kintu moi aponak Suggest korim je passwordto bodolai lole bhal. atiya saok password bodolai loboloi ki koribo lagibo.

1. Aponi dubar New password type korok
2. " ▶change & continue" buttont click korok.

Atya aponar account hoi gol aru apuni atiya Free SMS koribo paribo.

Step 8- atiya ekhon New window khulibo aponar sonmukhot tat
apuni jikono numberot massege kaoribo apribo.

1. apuni jito numberot SMS koribo seitu number likhok
2. aponar SMSr kothbor likhok
3. aponar SMSr likhoni 140 ta wordt he likhibo paribo.apuni stickers add koriou paribo.
4. Lastot apuni "send SMS" buttont click korok.. aponar SMS 100% pai jabo..

>>> Internetor Sohayot Free Call kenekoi karibo pai janiboloi Click Korok

Ai posto Aponaloke Bahl paise jodi Please Please Share koribo napahore jen...


7 February 2016

Whatsapp Delet Howa MSG othoba Cunection kenekoi Ghurai Pari Tare Upai

Jodi aponar Whatsapp r kiba msg delete hoise aru pisot msg sabo bisare tente delet howa msg sabor oti sohoje sabo paribo..  bohuto whatsapp User sokole najane je sodai Morning 4 bojat whatsapp aponar hokolo msg beck up kori loi.. yani apuni jikono purana msg cunection jai jodi tetiya apuni eyak punor ghuri pabo paribo.

Kenekoi Delete Howa MSG Othoba Cunection Punor Ghurai Pabo Pari?
Prothomote aponar whatsapp aponar mobilor pora uninsall kori louk.. tar pisot play storor pora punor whatsapp download kori install kori louk. install korar pisot aponak puroni msg reStore koribone hudhibo eyat, apuni "Yes"ot click koribo.Eyar pisot aponar delete howa msgbor ghurai pabo.

Ai Photo Google pora lowa hoise

Whatapp Morning 4 (sari) bojat backup loi. aitu defolt sestem hoi. jodi apuni bisare apunar subida anusori bodolabo paribo.

5 February 2016

Nijor Android Mobileot 2 Whatsapp account Kenekoi Use karibo pari Asomiyat Jani Louk

Whataapp aji kali message pothowar karone aru powar karane bhut dangor social network site hoi parise. nijor bondhu hokolor logot chat koriboloi whatsapp bahut bhal upai hoise. ajikali 80% young nijor mobilot whatsapp Use kari ase. aji moi aponak eyar bikhoye jonabo khujiso je eta mobilote duta whatsapp account kenekoi khulibo pari!

Nijor Android Mobilot 2 Whatsapp Account Kenekoi Use Koribo Pari
apuni Mobilot duta whatsapp account khuliboloi apuni internetor pora eta app download karibo lagibo.

OGWhatsapp applicationr maidhyomere apuni sohojote 2 number Use kari whatsapp akribo paribo. Eyar maidhomere apuni eketa homoiyot duta whatsapp acount Use koribo paribo. protomote apuni app to internetor pora download kari louk.  eyak whatsapp app dorei install karibo pari.

Ai2 download korar agote apuni nijor whatsapp applicationr backup kori loi jen.
1. Settingot jaok
2. Chat Chetingot click korok
3. Backup Conversationot click kori whatsapp msg beckup koribo parib logote nijor whatsapp applicationoro beckup koribo paribo kiono kiba problem hole apuni akou whatsapp Use koribo paribor karone.

OGWhatsapp app kenekoi Download karibo pari?

1. Prothomote apuni nijor Moblilor pora whatsapp app uninstall korok.
2. Atiya OGWhatsapp k eyat download korok-- Download Here
3. Download howar pisot install kari louk
4. atiya aponar purona numberto enter korok (jito number apuni whatsappt use kori asil)
5. atiya aponar mobilot eta varify msg ahibo pare kin2 aitot gurutyo nidibo karon OGWhatsapp nije varify kori lobo. (Olop wait koribo. Eyar karone 30second othoba 1 minit somoi lobo pare)
6. etiya apuni whatsapp application install karibo lagibo. install howar pisot apuni aponar new numberto enter korok. ai numberto aponar ukto mobilot thoka Sim hobo lagibo.
Jodi aponar mobileto single simr Mobile hoi tente 5 minit wait korok. 5 minitor pisot aoutomatic verify optionto bondho hoi jabo aru pisot apuni ask verifyr dara varification koribo paribo.
7. verify code enter korar pisot aponar nam aru profile photo upload korok.

atita aponaraccount runing hoi gol. aponar duyota numberot msg ahi thakibo.

jodi aponar whatsapp download korat kiba axubidha paise tente tolot thoka coment boxt comment kore jen. moi aponar problem solv koribo sestha korim